Real Estate In A Digital Age

Why a strong digital footprint is important when selling your home.

Did you know that...


10 weeks

The average buyer spends 10 weeks looking at real estate before contacting a professional.

94% of Millenials use the internet to search for homes

51% find the home they buy online first.


The number of homes the typical buyer tours.

* National Association of Realtors

The Major takeaway

Of all the homes a typical buyer looks at online they only view 1 / week of their search

The truth is, if a buyer isn't intrigued by a listing online, they are unlikely to tour the property in person. This means that the digital presence of a home is vital in attracting actual traffic through the door and the more people that physically see the home, the faster it sells and the more competitive it becomes amongst buyers.

Also consider:

Real estate searches have grown 253% over the last four years on Google.

89%  of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine throughout their search.

77% of first time home buyers drove by a home they viewed online

The opportunity

If you know how to target a listing to an audience correctly and digitally advertise to them homes they would be interested in, you're likely to increase awareness and competition for that listing.


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