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Deciding to buy a home and starting the process can be daunting, particularly for first time home buyers. This page is a resource for Seattle home buyers to educate themselves about the process and to find an experienced Seattle home buyer’s agent

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Why Use a Buyer's Agent?

You’ve decided to buy a home in Seattle and need to figure out the best way to start. There are multiple options for buyers to complete the process, but most elect to find representation in the form of a buyer’s agent. Below are some reasons why most buyers decide to do so as opposed to searching and offering without an agent. 

  • It’s time consuming
    Searching for a home can be a very time consuming process without the assistance of a buyer’s agent. Moreover, real estate moves quickly so if a buyer is not constantly in tune with the market then homes they would be interested in might sell before they even realize it was for sale. Good real estate professionals are adept at weeding through the market to find you homes that match your criteria and get them in your inbox – usually within hours of them being listed. They also can provide you with vital additional information such as a sellers disclosure to review before visiting the property – potentially saving you hours if that additional information would disqualify a property.

  • Access
    Agents can get you through the door quickly. Most homes have keyboxes that realtors can open so we can work with your schedule to get you into a home outside of open house hours. 

  • Negotiation
    You need market knowledge to be able to successfully negotiate as well as the necessary toolkit to know how to leverage your points successfully. Buyer’s agents are also able to negotiate with a buyer to assist them into curating the most competitive offer possible in multiple offer situations to maximize your chances of being successful. 

  • Diligence
    There are a lot of small details and moving timelines in a purchase that need to be met. A buyer’s agent can assist you in guaranteeing that you do not default on an agreement and protect your interests throughout the transaction. 

  • Experience 
    A buyer’s agent can help you spot potential problems with a home that you may not notice without having the experience of years working in the industry and having reviewed hundreds of property inspection reports. Small details like the condition of the roof, siding, furnace etc. can cost thousands to repair and can really add to the true cost of buying a home if not noticed. 

  • Ease of mind
    Having an advocate on your side can reduce the stress involved in a real estate transaction. 

I Want To Work For You!

I know there are a lot of brokers that you can choose from and that for that reason my services need to stand out in order to be competitive and successful as your Seattle buyer’s agent. These are the following reasons why I hope to be your choice.

  • I’m always reachable
    Communication is so important! I understand the frustration of having a burning question and wanting a fast response to have to wait for someone to get back to you. All of my clients have direct access to me and I always either pick up the phone or get back to you asap. Seriously – I have jumped out of showers, off the tread mill and driven 30 minutes to get cell phone reception while on vacation in order to talk to my clients. Please call me after 5 and on weekends – I’m here to work with your schedule!
  • This is my passion
    I’ve only ever worked in real estate – it is my professional passion – I love what I do and I want to transmit that enthusiasm and experience into your search.
  • I listen
    I want to know what you are looking for and how you want the process to best fit your needs. Only want to communicate by email or text? You got it. Are you extremely prone to mold? I won’t recommend homes I get a bad sense from. I hate it when my time is wasted and therefore I don’t want to waste yours. I do this by listening to not only your criteria but also your experiences in homes I show you to make sure that any disqualifying information you provide will be reflected in future homes I show you to keep the search relevant to you.
  • I’m honest
    Truth is it takes longer to find buyers a home when you don’t just give them the response they necessarily want to every question. What I mean by this is that if buyers love a home but have one concern that they ask me about I won’t sugarcoat my response to get them to sign an offer. Instead I prefer to be honest and give them my best professional opinion without steering them one way or another. I see my role in your transaction not as telling you what to buy or pressuring you into making a decision but more as being a constant resource of reliable information from which you can make the best decision for you and your future home.
  • I see potential
    I’ve rehabbed a lot of homes and know what can be done to improve a property. Want to know if that wall can be removed or if the floorplan can be changed to better suit your needs? I can assist with that. Finding the absolute perfect home can honestly be like searching for that needle. I can help you find a home that suits your needs and could be modified if you choose to do so. 

  • Leverage relationships
    Chances are a home you are interested in is either listed by a broker I know or by a brokerage I either currently work for or have in the past. This allows me to instill not only confidence in the listing agent about your offer and our ability to get it closed, but also allows me to find out the motivations of the seller and how we can present you as the perfect buyer for their home. 
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