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Having been a homeowner, landlord, project manager and agent, I understand the complexities of the Seattle housing market and appreciate that real estate is unique to each client and property. I pride myself on finding the neighborhoods and homes that suit my client's needs by listening to their wants before advocating for them using my market perspective, advanced negotiation skills and diligent approach. While I focus predominantly on the Queen Anne and Magnolia markets, I help clients all over the Puget Sound.

I started in real estate in 2013 upon the completion of my Master's degree in the field from Georgetown University. While my formal training is in diligent numerical analysis coupled with micro and macroeconomic consideration, I have added extensive practical experience over the years through assisting clients as well as managing a real estate investment portfolio. The result is that whether your needs revolve around focusing primarily on the numbers to derive a property's worth to discussing potential renovations / repairs to a property or quantifying how much personal attachment could or should impact a price, I can assist you in making informed decisions to alleviate concerns and accomplish results.

I live in Queen Anne Park with my wife Elly, daughter Lilly and my good pups Beau & Fozzy.

Chris Reis

Windermere Queen Anne