Chris Reis (9)

Laurelhurst Homes

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Drawing on years of experience in selling, buying and rehabbing homes, coupled with a Masters degree in Financial Real Estate, I help my clients close deals with confidence in Laurelhurst.


Tanya H.

My husband and I went looking at a bunch of houses and met many agents and brokers while we looked. When we found the house we wanted, we called Chris to represent us. Why? out of all the agents we talked to, he was the only one who followed up consistently from meeting us briefly. We liked him.
Chris is very hard working, will bend over backwards to support you finding the right home, and more importantly once you have found it, work even harder to make sure all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted during the negotiation. Chris supplied the same due diligence right up until we closed. Even driving consistently to  the house on our behalf to check if work had been completed.
We were super happy working with Chris and would recommend him to anyone seeking representation in selling or purchasing a home.