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Real estate is all I’ve ever professionally known – or wanted. Since a young age I’ve had a keen interest in buildings and a determination to make them an integral aspect of my adult life. Early aspiration to be an architect faded by a desire to limit desk time and constantly meet new people. For this reason, upon completing my B.A. at Johns Hopkins, I enrolled at Georgetown University to obtain a Masters in Financial Real Estate. This enabled me to start a home renovation business for several years where I gained experience in value determination, negotiation, budgeting, home preparation and real estate marketing. My harshest critic, the lessons I learned in what I expected from myself as a real estate agent selling my own homes have become the bedrock of what I offer my clients.


A German native, I grew up in London and moved to the United States for my undergraduate studies where I met my wife Elly. We briefly lived in her home state of Texas before the allure of Seattle drew us in. I’m a Queen Anne Realtor that lives in Queen Anne Park, where we are raising our children Lilly & Theo and where you can find me walking my good pups Beau & Fozzy.


I firmly believe that people are at the heart of any real estate decision. Of course, buildings, interior design, landscaping etc. are incredibly important – but not if what you are proposing doesn’t meet your client’s criteria. I strive to listen more than I talk and ask thought provoking questions to fundamentally comprehend what you are hoping to achieve before targeting my approach. Developing strong relationships with clients and harnessing contacts within the industry provide the base for success, resulting in streamlined transactions and fully satisfactory outcomes for you.


Working in a highly competitive business, I am very aware that creating exceptional value for my clients is a must. A can-do attitude, prioritization of good communication and advanced service offerings are the necessary ingredients for my goal to make your life easier in what can be a stressful time. I find it important to stay on top of industry practices to be able to support you with state of the art solutions.


Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, know that I will put paramount effort and attention to every detail of your journey.


I look forward to meeting and working with you.

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