A German native, I grew up in the St. John's Wood neighborhood of London, a stone’s throw away from the famous Abbey Road Studios. Having spent a lot of my time in the US growing up, I was eager to broaden my horizons stateside and have been living here full time since I moved to Maryland to earn my BA in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins University. I’ve also spent time in the Washington D.C. area where I received a MPS in Real Estate from Georgetown University and in Houston, TX with my wife Elly before settling in Seattle.


How can I help?

A seasoned realtor and active investor, I understand that real estate is unique for every person and property; there are multiple considerations that need to be made when assessing each potential transaction and all decisions need to be rooted in diligent analysis. Whether it entails focusing on just the numbers to derive a property's worth to discussing potential renovations/repairs on a property or quantifying how much personal attachment could/should affect a number, I can assist you in making informed decisions to alleviate concerns and accomplish results.

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“A dream you dream alone is just a dream, a dream you dream together is reality” – John Lennon.

We all have real estate dreams – large or small, rent or own - we all want to leave our imprints on our homes, create lasting memories, build equity and provide shelter to our loved ones. Seeking real estate can be daunting however, may seem over complicated and can be emotionally draining. My fascination with real estate, drive to build relationships and desire to impact my community means that my dreams include making your real estate aspirations a reality. As your Windermere Broker, my role is to comprehensively understand what your goals are and to provide meaningful insight supported by local knowledge as well as market metrics to ultimately ensure you have the best experience and end result possible. It's my intent to make sure that you enjoy the process while I obsess with the detail so that together we achieve that dream.


"My husband and I went looking at a bunch of houses and met many agents and brokers while we looked. When we found the house we wanted, we called Chris to represent us. Why? out of all the agents we talked to, he was the only one who followed up consistently from meeting us briefly. We liked him. 
Chris is very hard working, will bend over backwards to support you finding the right home, and more importantly once you have found it, work even harder to make sure all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted during the negotiation. Chris supplied the same due diligence right up until we closed. Even driving consistently to  the house on our behalf to check if work had been completed. 
We were super happy working with Chris and would recommend him to anyone seeking representation in selling or purchasing a home."

— Tanya H.

"I was shopping for apartments / houses. Chris helped me better understand pros and cons of each type and make a good decision. Then he showed me different places which I had chosen very quickly. He always immediately responded to emails and managed to get property visit appointments in less than a day. For each place he showed to me he thoroughly explained all the pros and cons. He patiently answered all the questions I had about any relevant or irrelevant detail."

— Ariana Broumand

"We worked with Chris on finding a rental property in the Heights area recently. He was extremely easy to work with and provided us several options to look at that met all our requirements. During the closing stage, he was organized and provided us all the information needed to feel comfortable signing a lease. Highly recommend Chris!"

— Bobby Briskie

"Chris has been a very patient realtor over the past few months. We have looked at dozens of houses and he accommodates our schedule every time. He does a great job of helping us understand the market and helping us as first home buyers find a good deal."

— Daniel Schmeltz