Uncategorized Home Worth What’s your home worth?   It is a seemingly simple question. However, discovering the worth of your home is more complicated than it might seem. Sites like Zillow, Redfin, Eppraisal, and others have built-in home valuation tools that make it seem easy, but how accurate are they? And if you get three different answers, which […]
Uncategorized Your Guide to Solar Power in Seattle   Solar Power in Seattle For homeowners looking to reduce their home’s carbon footprint, increase its sustainability, and add value to their property, getting solar power in Seattle is an obvious choice.  Understanding how solar works and how to maximize its benefits are key first steps in your journey to becoming a solar energy-producing household. […]
Uncategorized Western Washington Market Update Western Washington Market Update The following analysis of the Western Washington real estate market is provided by Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner. We hope that this information may assist you with making better-informed real estate decisions. For further information about the housing market in your area, please don’t hesitate to contact your Windermere […]
Uncategorized July 2020 Market Summary July 2020 Seattle Real Estate Summary
Uncategorized DIY Home Projects In recent months, homes have taken on additional roles as offices, schools, and places of entertainment as staying at home has become the norm. With the extra time spent inside and the additional wear and tear on your home, this is a perfect time for those Do-It-Yourself projects you’ve been wanting to get done.   […]
Uncategorized Organizing Your Home Organizing Your Home When organizing your home, knowing where to start can often be the most difficult part. Breaking the process down room-by-room and keeping the following tips in mind will help you get started and keep your home organized in the long run.   Kitchen Given how much time is spent in the kitchen, […]
Uncategorized A Guide to Mortgage Assistance During COVID-19 A Guide to Mortgage Assistance During COVID-19 For some homeowners who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a high level of concern about paying their mortgage. Fortunately, there are options to aid struggling homeowners from governments, financial institutions, and loan providers. The following information is intended to provide clarity on which […]
Uncategorized Seattle Real Estate Market Update 6/20 Seattle Real Estate Market Update 6/20  May’s data provides another opportunity to gauge the extent of the impact that COVID-19 is having on the Seattle real estate market. The data is echoing last months sentiment that the market is performing better than is expected – but that inventory levels are still very low as sellers […]
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Uncategorized Saving in the Laundry Room Saving in the Laundry Room When it comes to household expenses, staying at home has brought about savings in some areas, while increasing expenses in others. The laundry room has likely seen an uptick in usage, with its associated costs following suit. Save your energy and money by keeping these tips in mind as we […]
Uncategorized Questions to Ask During Your Virtual Home Tour Questions to Ask During Your Virtual Home Tour Thanks to COVID-19, the new reality is that many open houses and home tours are being conducted virtually. For prospective home buyers, this new territory brings an added element to prepare for in the home buying process. Some of the questions that should be asked in a […]
Uncategorized Seattle Real Estate Summer Outlook Seattle Real Estate Summer Outlook In a typical year, the real estate market heats up mid-February for a busy spring season before lulling a little bit over the summer months before a fall resurgence. In my recent blog post on the April MLS data I noted that the market was potentially not as impacted by […]
Real Estate Trends Seattle Real Estate Trends 5/20 Seattle Real Estate Trends 5/20 In assessing the Seattle market trends 5/20 was always going to be interesting as it was the first opportunity to get some meaningful insight the impact that the pandemic will have on the Seattle housing market. While there is undeniably a noticeable dip in inventory and closed sales numbers, the […]
Uncategorized May 2020 Market Summary May 2020 Metro Seattle
Uncategorized Are we heading for a housing market recession like in 2008? Are we heading for a housing market recession like in 2008? I’ve had several people recently ask if the housing market is likely heading towards a recession given the economic shape of the country. In his Mondays with Matthew segment today, Matthew Gardner, the chief economist at Windermere Real Estate, talked about this topic and […]
Uncategorized Queen Anne 3/20 Report QA March2020 Report
Uncategorized Mortgage Relief Options Mortgage Relief Options As posted on Forbes.com Homeowners who are facing a temporary hardship due to the coronavirus and heightened safety measures have mortgage relief options to postpone mortgage payments, according to the Federal Housing Finance Agency. The reach of the pandemic across the nation represents a stark reminder that access to paid leave and […]
Uncategorized 4 Tips for Decorating a Small Space 4 Tips for Decorating a Small Space Whether it’s a cramped bedroom or an office nook, many homes have a small room that’s difficult to decorate. Here are some tips on decorating a small space. Do you wish you could add more charm without forgoing square footage? Well, just because your space is limited, it […]
Uncategorized Sell Home in Winter Selling Home in Winter You’ve probably been told you should wait for spring or summer to sell your home. That’s when there’s a bigger pool of buyers, and your landscaping and foliage are at the top of their game, right? Well, wait just a minute. There are actually some compelling reasons to go ahead and […]
Uncategorized Are you ready for a new home? Are you ready for a new home? Are you ready for a new home? Selling your family home is hardly ever about building your financial portfolio. For most of us, it’s usually a matter of necessity. A growing young family or a changing lifestyle usually demands extra space. Maybe your kids are old enough now […]
Uncategorized The True Value of a Real Estate Agent The True Value of a Real Estate Agent What is the true value of a real estate agent? With the wealth of information available online, many of today’s consumers are incredibly knowledgeable about the homebuying and selling process. Add in the desire to save — or make — as much money as possible, and it’s […]