How I Help You

Buy a House in Seattle

How I Help You

Buy a Home in Seattle

With Chris as your agent you can expect...a calm approachresponsivenessabsolute integritymarket knowledgedetailed explanationsdiligent paperworkresults

My Services:

Explain real estate principles, contracts and documents

Refer you to a reputable lender that can help you assess your financial situation and pre-approve you for a loan

Help you determine the neighborhood and types of homes that suit your needs

Arrange tours of homes that meet your criteria

Provide you detailed information about homes you are interested in

Determine the market value of the homes you are interested in

Assist you in writing and negotiating a mutually-acceptable purchase and sale agreement

Accompany you to the inspection

Coordinate necessary steps after the inspection

Work with the escrow company to ensure all needed documents are in order and completed in a timely manner

Your Benefits:

Be more likely to find a home that fits your criteria

Decrease the amount of time it takes to find your home

Understand all the terms, processes and documents involved

Have current information to make informed decisions

Have a skilled negotiator on your side

Have peace of mind knowing all the details are being handled

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Helping clients buy a house in Seattle

Having been a homeowner, landlord, project manager and agent, I understand the complexities of the Seattle housing market and appreciate that real estate is unique to each client and property. I pride myself on finding the neighborhoods and homes that suit my client's needs by listening to their wants before advocating for them using my market perspective, advanced negotiation skills and diligent approach. My goal is to make sure you find the perfect house to buy in Seattle. While I focus predominantly on the Queen Anne and Magnolia markets, I help clients all over the Puget Sound.

I started in real estate in 2013 upon the completion of my Master's degree in the field from Georgetown University. While my formal training is in diligent numerical analysis coupled with micro and macroeconomic consideration, I have added extensive practical experience over the years through assisting clients as well as managing a real estate investment portfolio. The result is that whether your needs revolve around focusing primarily on the numbers to derive a property's worth to discussing potential renovations / repairs to a property or quantifying how much personal attachment could or should impact a price, I can assist you in making informed decisions to alleviate concerns and accomplish results.

I live in Queen Anne Park with my wife Elly, daughter Lilly and my good pups Beau & Fozzy.

Chris Reis

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In today's electronic world, offers are sent via email to the seller's agent. I will call the agent to let them know that it is coming and tell them a little bit about you and the details of your offer. Then I will follow up to confirm receipt.

When you write an offer to buy a home in Seattle you will be expected to include an earnest money deposit. This deposit is a sign of good faith that you are seriously interested in purchasing the home. 

Once the buyer and seller have a mutually accepted purchase and sale agreement, the earnest money is deposited into a trust account. This deposit becomes a credit to the buyer at closing and becomes part of the purchase expense. 

Some lenders require the cost of the appraisal and credit report at the time of the loan application. 

Real estate contracts are complicated legal transactions. This is another area where having a knowledgeable and professional agent is a necessity. Rarely does a buyer lose earnest money. Most often, if the transaction falls apart, there are circumstances beyond the control of the buyer that cause it to happen. If the buyer willfully decides, however, that they no longer want to buy the house and has no legal reason to rescind their offer, then the seller has the right to the earnest money. 

If you offer less money, the seller has three options. They can accept your lower offer, counter the offer or reject it completely. Remember that there could be another buyer who is also interested in the home that you have chosen. If they happen to write an offer at the same time you do, the seller will have two offers to compare. There are usually many aspects in an offer to consider, but ultimately the seller will want to accept the best and most complete offer. In active real estate markets, homes often sell for their listed price. In hot markets, there may be multiple buyers vying for the same house, which sometimes drives the final sales price above ask. 

As your realtor I can help you plan your strategy, based on the current market conditions. 

To put yourself in the best negotiating position before you find the new home you want, hire a qualified real estate professional to help you put your current home on the market. Once you write an offer on the home your interested in, your offer will be "contingent" upon the sale of your current home. A buyer in this position may not have the same negotiating power as one whose home as already sold. The seller may be hesitant to accept your offer because there are too many things that have to happen for a successful transaction. 

Buyer Terms

Cash that the buyer contributes towards the purchase price along with the mortgage amount. This sum is considered the buyers equity in the home. 

Fees charged by the lender to offset their interest rate, if it's below the prevailing market average. One point equals one percentage point - so one point on a $100,000 loan is $1,000. 

The amount paid for the lenders appraisal of the property. 

The fee charged by the lender to acquire a buyers credit report. 

A one-time premium that a buyers pays for protection against loss or damage in the event of an incorrect search of public records or misinterpretation of title. The title insurance policy also shows what the property is subject to in terms of liens, taxes, encumbrances, deed restrictions and easements. 

The amount a buyer pays the escrow company or closing agent for preparing papers, accounting all funds and coordinating the information between all parties involved in the transaction. 

A general term for all the estimated charges associated with the transfer of the property. 

The amount of interest due on the loan during the time period between closing of escrow and the first mortgage payment.

The principal portion of your mortgage payments increase your equity in the home while the interest payments are your lenders profit. 

Insurance for the lender to cover potential losses on the loan if borrower defaults. 

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